Most people want to live on a mountaintop. Health, happiness, strength and growth occur while climbing it! Pilates is one way to make the climb. Marybeth is a wonderful mentor and coach!! Not only is she steeped in the discipline of Pilates, she has great rehab skills for those who are recovering from injuries. She is always aware of where clients are in their journey. Marybeth takes every opportunity to celebrate small and large successes and corrects with gentleness and knowledge of proper technique. I would highly recommend her for those of you who are skilled and those whose pace is slower. The journey is our home. I am ever so grateful to have Marybeth share in mine.

Annette Kish, Coeur d’Alene

I’ve been working out at a standard run-of-the-mill gym for years and years and followed a typical aerobics and weights routine. Imagine my astonishment at trying Pilates for the first time at Absolute Pilates…I had muscles and ligaments that felt like they had never been used before. I really enjoy the experience of learning Pilates in the quiet and spotlessly clean environment of the Absolute Pilates studio. The studio has a low-key vibe, but the staff members are consummate professionals, skilled trainers and knowledgeable about the anatomy and biomechanics behind Pilates. I’ve been taking private lessons at Absolute Pilates for two months and I already notice improvements in my posture, muscle tone and flexibility. The location in downtown Palm Springs is convenient and parking is never a problem. There is a large, and free parking lot behind the studio.

Tom Lutgen, Palm Springs

I have done Pilates for 7 years with 5 different primary instructors at 4 different studios. Johnny Miller has been the best instructor I have had, I found him three years ago and am very happy working with him. His knowledge of the discipline is vast and his instruction is deliberate, careful and fun. He puts our class through its paces in a fun and energetic way, I enjoy it because I am not young and athletic yet I feel that I get a good workout, my goal is always to build strength and flexibility not to sweat profusely and collapse in exhaustion. I worked with him in Pasadena in a popular high-end health club and now I am so pleased that he has opened his own studio in Palm Springs. His studio is a wonderful place to go, it is pretty, clean and very serene. I recommend Absolute Pilates for people of all ages and levels of Pilates experience, he will tailor the work out to suit your comfort level, he is very observant and makes sure everyone feels good, feels safe in the exercises and are accomplishing their goals.

Sybil Stevenson, Palm Springs

After having back surgery over a year and a half ago Johnny was instrumental in getting me back to health and proper movement. His knowledge of kinesiology and rehabbing the human body is unmatched by any instructor or PT that I have worked with! Whether you are coming back from surgery or simply just want to get into shape I would highly recommend using his services.

Kanda Farrar, Pasadena

For over thirty years I have been working out at gyms, fitness clubs and studios. Over that span I have been trained by dozens of trainers – some good, some not so good. The only instructor I have used consistently over the last decade is Johnny Miller. I call him an instructor and not a trainer because he teaches you as well as trains you. With Johnny’s care, you will learn a more comprehensive approach to fitness. As well as showing you how to workout he’ll demonstrate why it improves your overall well-being. For knowledge, integrity, as well as a kick ass workout, I highly recommend Johnny.

David Gould, Pasadena

If you’re looking for top notch Pilates training & an outstanding studio with all the latest apparatus, Absolute Pilates with Johnny Miller is the absolute best place to train in Palm Springs.


I love my sleep and I’ve actually woken up for 6am sessions with Johnny Miller. I wouldn’t do that for just anyone. That’s how good he is.  

Heather Porter, Los Angeles

Johnny Miller rocks! He has been my Pilates instructor for over 15 years. He has deep knowledge of the practice and a wicked sense of humor making the sessions joyful.  

Maggie Navarro, Pasadena

As I’ve aged, my flexibility has decreased. I’ve tried yoga but find the positions to be very stressful. Johnny Miller introduced me to Pilates, resulting in increased flexibility and balance. His gentle method of introducing the movements makes the sessions fly by. 

Ralph Navarro, Pasadena

I believe Johnny Miller of Absolute Pilates is by far the most experienced Stott Pilates instructor I’ve worked out with. Johnny has been providing Pilates training to me for over 8 years. I’ve met a number of his clients and I know they would agree with this assessment. His comprehensive approach includes a complete evaluation of your current physical well being, with emphasis on therapeutic exercising, stretching and conditioning. Whether your goal is to build muscle, tone, increase range of motion or, cardio training, Johnny has the intuitive good sense of a seasoned instructor. He keeps his certification current and within the Pilates training community, is a sought after instructor for those new to the field of Pilates training (a trainers trainer, so to speak). I prefer my one on one session with Johnny, however group sessions are also possible. After over 30 years of sitting at a desk, getting my body back in shape was no easy task. Being a “Gym Rat” often did more harm than good and lacked the experienced instruction of a seasoned professional. Absolute Pilates changed all that and I can say beyond any doubt, that I’m in the best physical shape since my twenties. Thank you Johnny!

Dave Schulz, Palm Springs