What is the difference between STOTT PILATES and other Pilates?
STOTT Pilates incorporates contemporary knowledge of kinesiology, biomechanics and functional body movement, while using classic Pilates repertoire. This enables STOTT instructors a wide range of preparations and modifications, to allow their clients the opportunity to safely achieve the original exercise.


Is Pilates right for me?
Pilates is an exercise modality. Its benefits evolve from its use of slow concerted movement originating at the joints axis of motion. If you’re interested in body alignment, core strength, balance, flexibility, and mobility, in a safe, mindful method, YES Pilates is for you!


How often should I take a Pilates class or lesson?
When beginning, two to three times a week is recommended. Both your mental faculties and physical connections need time to assimilate the information being taught. Once your mind and body adjust, you decide, based on your total fitness regimen.


Am I too old to start Pilates?
Pilates is great for any age. Consideration always needs to be made for condition, fitness level and existing health issues; careful monitoring and modification can address most of these concerns. We always recommend consulting your physician prior to beginning any new fitness regiment.


Does Absolute Pilates offer classes at all levels?
Yes, and we offer introduction classes for beginners. We are here to help, prior to mat class, we offer Fundamentals, 30 minutes of information, stretching and questions answered.